Real Estate Is My Passion

Hi everyone, thanks for popping by my website!

Cliff's Notes About Izzy

Born in: Guantanamo Bay,  Cuba where my dad was stationed in the Navy.

Hometown: I grew up all over Maine, Vermont and the greater Boston area.

Degree: BA with a double major in Art History and English from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Years in LA: Ten and counting!

Pride and joy: My 4-lb Yorkie, Ivy, squeaky toy lover and seasoned vacuum-attacker.

Can always be found: Eating carbs and planning a trip somewhere.

Loves: Europe, baking, arts of all kinds, animals, afternoon tea and fireplaces.

Not a fan of: Seeds in fruit, traffic, and pushy sales people.

Gives back: 5% of all net real estate income to one of the charities listed below (if you have a cause that’s close to your heart please let me know!).

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